I began volunteering at Nirmal Primary School in 2022. During my visits, I noticed that the school had a music room and a science room, but not a dedicated art room. I believe that all students need a space and outlet for creative expression. Therefore, I set out to create an art room and formal art program for the school. 
The first step was to work with the school to identify, clean and create a colour-filled space for the students to indulge in art. After that, I developed an art curriculum for the students, and led a fundraiser to outfit the room with art supplies. This ensured that they have ready access to a space where they can explore their creativity and express themselves.

Nirmal Primary School

Where I launched my Art Room project by painting the walls of a room that could accommodate 20 students at a time, to create a dedicated art space. Since creating the mural, I have continued to volunteer at the school, teaching young students art and giving them the means and opportunity to incorporate it into their school life.