I have attempted to use my art to beautify public spaces, and spread important social messages. Some of the murals I’ve helped create include:

Women’s Day Mural at Spread a Smile India

MARCH 8 , 2022

Women’s Day Mural at Spread a Smile India

To spread the message of women’s empowerment at an NGO that works to support low-income women and educate their children. Recognizing that women are often the deciding factor in a child’s education and future, my mural promotes the message of women’s power and independence, while simultaneously beautifying the space where the women and children work.

Art on Walls​ -Rajasthan

In July 2022, I took part in the Art on Walls trip led by artist Swapna Maini in Rajasthan, India. During the service trip, I collaborated with 8 other students from across the world to brighten the lives of young children studying in a government school in Alwar, Rajasthan by painting murals on the walls to make the schools a more inviting place to learn.The overall experience was fulfilling, as I could see the direct impact of my art on others’ lives.
I also learned a lot from other members of the group, as we gave each other constructive criticism, and advice for new techniques to create a positive working environment.

Nirmal Primary School

Where I launched my Art Room project by painting the walls of a room that could accommodate 20 students at a time, to create a dedicated art space. Since creating the mural, I have continued to volunteer at the school, teaching young students art and giving them the means and opportunity to incorporate it into their school life.